We were going for a quiet sail over to Bowen. We had lots of time and were going to enjoy the journey instead of pressing on to the destination.

Perhaps that was where the problem started.

I’ve noticed that a completely zen state of mind is necessary when coming to the boat. It’s like she knows. Perhaps she was bummed that I hadn’t cleaned her frequently enough. Perhaps she was bummed that we haven’t used her enough recently.

Regardless, when you turn the key and the engine doesn’t even attempt to turn over. Not one little whimper, nothing. It’s a problem.

Turns out it’s a circular problem.

We spent 3 hours trying to get the darn thing started and all of a sudden it starts completely normally in a ‘What? Oh, I’m sorry, have you been trying to get me started?” kind of a way, and has continued to do so since then.

Of course now, it won’t stop. Or at least not without using the manual stop inside the engine.

Hubby is trying to fix it the old fashioned ‘mechanical’ way…I agree, this has it’s merits. I’m sure the parts shop I dropped $200 at buying pieces at agrees.  However, I am making an extra effort to be nice to the ‘ol girl. As a preventative measure, of course.

She who must be obeyed.
She who must be obeyed.
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Zen Of Engine Fixin’