fishing in the rainWe haven’t been out on the boat since late summer. In August it was inconceivable that we would be away from it this long but it was out for a week early September having the bottom painted and having through hulls replaced. Late September & early October had us away on family business. Since then we’ve had the driest October on record but the cold & windless conditions brought thick fog that enveloped us for nearly two weekends, so the boat sat agonisingly at the dock for 2 more weeks.

On a beautiful sunny weekend a few weekends ago someone asked me why we were in town. “I think we’ll wait till the rain starts” was my flippant answer. It wasn’t entirely untrue.

We live in the Pacific Northwest – a temperate rain forest. It rains a lot here and since I’ve been living here I’ve noticed a wonderful spirit amongst the Pacific Northwesteners. It’s not uncommon to hear people saying “If you wait for a dry day you’ll never get anything done around here.” It’s true, and so we wrap our kids up in full body waterproof suits “Muddy Buddy’s” and send them outside to play.

Usually, I’m good with that. I’ve long since loved rain and been more than happy to get outside and get on with things …except for this one weekend last spring.

It was forecast rain that weekend. Not your usual, ‘bit of rain here and there in the forecast.’ Kind of rain. We’re talking 7mm on Saturday and 15mm on Sunday kind of rain. I just wanted to stay home, but my hubby was adamant that we were taking the boat out and we were going sailing.

We compromised…. Sort of. We agreed to go sailing but to a local island with an electric hook up so that we could dry off and find indoor diversions if necessary. (The old boat only had electric heaters.) Compromise is good, and as I am a fully licenced adult and so did my best not to act like a sulky teen as we prepared to leave for what I was convinced was going to be a cold wet weekend watching a 3 year old ping pong around the inside of the boat.

An hour and a bit later we arrived at the island. The tranquillity of the dock on a rainy weekend out of season was palpable. The next morning my son dressed in full “Muddy Buddy” disappeared onto the dock grasping his fake fishing rod. I grabbed the “fishing stick” and we entertained ourselves for at least an hour. We played at the playground and went for a hike…. In which we discovered a fabulous new deli. It barely rained all Saturday. On Sunday it drizzled a bit, we played on the beach and then left for home.

As much as I didn’t want to admit to my husband that he was right…I knew he was and I apologised. We had a wonderful weekend away.  It was lovely and quiet on the dock and we made friends with the other brave adventurers who had chosen to cruise that weekend. Because of the rain the countryside was lush and crisp and more beautiful than ever. We explored new places, made new friends and enjoyed some really gourmet food.

So while I’m sad we have missed a mostly glorious late season cruising season this year. We probably are waiting for the rain to start and that will be just fine by me.

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Wet Wet Wet