Cortes OutstationWe’ve finally made it to Cortés Island, which is the jumping off station to Desolation Sound and the most Northerly outstation of our club. We left Lund at lunch time after the boys had completed sampling the bakeries’ selection of different flavoured cinnamon buns. As the crow flies it’s only about an hour’s motor from Lund to Cortés Island, but we are experienced sailors and so managed to turn that into a 3 hour trip with the power of sails.

Something really big happened as we arrived here. I haven’t talked about it much, but one of my goals this year has been to learn to dock the boat. Truth is, it’s something I find pretty scary for a number of self pitying reasons that I won’t bore you with. After 10 years of avoiding it because my fear of docking was completely overwhelming I’ve started doing it. Till today I hadn’t made one attempt on this trip, but I took us out of Lund this morning and as we came in to Cortés harbour… I drove.

Bear in mind that neither hubby nor I have been in here before.

Bear in mind that the entrance to the  bay is probably only 4 times the width of the boat. (You stay to the right of the marker in the photo).

Entrance to the bay. Stay right of the marker
Entrance to the bay. Stay right of the marker

Bear in mind that you can’t see into the bay until you are pretty much in it.

I drove through the gap…. Admittedly white knuckles on the helm creeping forward at about 3 knots…but I did it. And then I docked the boat around the back side of the dock. Meaning that for a while I had to drive the boat directly at shore and turn it before running aground. Remember we’ve never been here before so we don’t really know the lay of the land (or sea).

And I did it!!!… Ok, I did make a couple of donuts off the dock before I finally got my angle right coming in and I won’t say it was a beautiful feat of docking prowess.

But who cares. I did it! YEAH!!!

The boat wot, I put there. (Note: boat survived my driving one more time!)
The boat, wot I put there!

On top of that, I think I finally figured out how to cook pork chops at dinner tonight – remarkable, I know.

I think we may stay here tomorrow and explore the bay. Till then, I’m treating myself to a shower.



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We’re Here!
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2 thoughts on “We’re Here!

  • July 23, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    Fantastic reading! Keep it coming ! Good for you for docking, Nic!!
    Here in Vancouver today looks like the middle of winter – hoping for blue skies for you!

  • July 24, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    Fantastic Nic! Congrats on docking, nice work. Love your blog.

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