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We moved onto our boat mid March. We moved home again about 5 weeks later, with the reno ‘almost done’ and immediately fell into some kind of a weird renovation time warp, from which we are just emerging –  It’s now mid May and I’m pleased  to say that (hopefully) tomorrow, will be the last day for our contractor.Somewhere in the vortex, this post never got posted. Better late than never…

We’ve been living on the boat a month now. We’ve had our ups and downs and we’ve definitely decided that a new mattress is a priority item for us…. we don’t sleep as easily as this little one.

The reno is almost done and so (hopefully) we’ll move back home this weekend…. The prospect of which has caused me to reflect a little on our time here and compare it to what would normally have been a regular month at home.

In the beginning of our time my concern was that we’d go nuts on the boat cooped up with all the spring rain and that the space would feel small and confining. I over scheduled completely driving A and I a little nuts without the downtime we both need.

Over the course of the month I’ve noticed that his play has changed. He still plays with Lego in the mornings and his teddy’s but outside pursuits take a good portion of the day, he’s happy to help me muck about with boat projects and do real things with his hands… For the most part the ‘kid stuff’ – toys and games go un-used.

We’re not a big TV family at the best of times but as we don’t have one on the boat it’s not even been a question. When it’s raining out side or if we have a few minutes to spare there’s nothing A & I like doing more than curling up with a book or two… Or three… At home we read a lot but at more defined times of the day.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t really been bothered by the weather as much as I thought. I have a great rain hat so with that and my big rain jacket I don’t notice the rain on the many rainy walks I’ve taken to the washrooms on the docks.

I have noticed spring more though, we’ve felt the weather warm up through each degree. We feel the warm and the cold fronts come through. I haven’t really been cold, I’m just more aware of what the temperature is doing and I find that the ‘indoors’ at home can be uncomfortably warm even though the heating is all turned down.

It’s been a great month, a peaceful month (discounting the renovation chaos!) I never thought it was possible to live so slowly in the middle of the city. The next challenge will be to try to keep that essence once we get home.

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Time Warp