Bacon Jam
Mmmm Bacon Jam

This is a crazy week.


In a few days we leave the dock for an extended period on the water and somehow, between now and then the boat has to be ready.


I’ve tried several techniques this week including shouting  “Accio boat” while waving a spatula in the general direction of ‘C’ Dock. I also tried putting on my most fabulous red heels and chanting “There’s no place like a fully provisioned boat”... Neither technique worked.


So that’s how come I’ve spent the last two evenings staring at a food provisioning spreadsheet with a small mountain of cookbooks next to me.


It’s one thing to prepare the boat for a weekend sail. But it’s an entirely other thing to prepare a boat for a period away from being able to ‘pop to the store for – anything’.


I’ve learned a few things over the years. Bringing lettuce – rookie mistake. Doesn’t last. Neither do berries. One year I didn’t think through when I was going to eat the different meats I had in the ice box carefully. Unopened and stinky packs of chicken in the garbage isn’t an error you can hide from your partner very easily on a boat.


Kale lasts a while, as does kohlrabi & fennel and makes yummy salads (although it takes a bit to convince the boys of the ‘yumminess’.) I make a jar of ‘Bacon Jam’ from the Sea Salt cookbook to take with me. It’s great for adding a quick ‘bacony’ zip when necessary without the mess or propane usage from cooking fresh bacon . This year I’m going to be experimenting with lentil salads. Such a great idea, thanks to the girls at women who sail for the tip.


That’s just the food side of things…and of course the back drop to all of this is that it’s summer holidays, which is  a good thing, but there is no such thing as running a ‘quick errand’ with a 4 year old on tow. A friend,whom I will be nominating for sainthood later, texted me this morning to ask if she could take A. for a play date to give me some time to get things done.  I may have kissed my cell phone!,

I’ll try to update the blog as we go, but I won’t have much access to internet. Facebook will be a better bet.


Till  next time.

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