Watching a pod of Orca's frolick in a particularly wind-less Howe Sound.
Watching a pod of Orca’s frolick in a particularly wind-less Howe Sound.

The installation of our new instruments has been nothing short of traumatic. Let’s just leave it at that.

We had hoped to go sailing last weekend, but missed out on that, so we were hell-bent on taking the boat out this weekend regardless of the state it was in.

Friday saw us on the hard at Granville Island having a number of things done in a crazy short 12 hour period of time, including having the bottom sanded. We were going sailing directly after picking the pickle up from school, which would be no problem because we were going back into the water first thing.

Then we were pushed back to 11:30.

Then it was likely to be more likely 3pm. School finishes at 3pm. No problem, we drop the boat, load the boat and head straight out.

At 3pm I checked in from the school yard. The boat was still sitting in the boat yard fully tarped. The new estimate was definitely 4:30 – the last lift of the day.

At some point, reason slunk quietly out of the room. We were leaving the dock to go away for the weekend what ever it took. It didn’t matter if we arrived late with a kid who hadn’t eaten dinner (there had been no time to buy food) no matter. We were going.

We dropped the boat at 4:30. Looked at it in dismay, It was covered in thick black dust and the inside was all torn apart. We worked like fiends for an hour getting it sort of ship shape, left dock and then drove through English bay ignoring the lovely 15 knots of wind so that I could finish getting the inside of the boat habitable and not full of missiles.

We arrived at Bowen at 8:30, dinner at 9, kid in bed by 10 pm. There’s an example of parenting for you.

But we were away.


The next morning, we had a lovely lazy morning before heading up to Alexandra Island. The wind was a gentle 8 knots, I set the jib mostly because I was desperate for a sail. All of a sudden, we were flying along. We saw 9 knots at one point but lots of’ 8.somethings.’

Here I took a picture

Β 20160507_194330063_iOS

Here’s the wind speed at the same time.


This was so exciting because this boat has never really performed for us. Do you remember last year with all the trouble we had with being on our ear in any kind of wind? Well we decided the sails were bagged out and had them recut over the winter. We also had a newly sanded bottom and all of a sudden d’Aquila started to show us her racing pedigree. Hubs was doing his happy dance….in the quiet, inward way that he does.

When we arrived at Alexandra, it was my turn to happy dance…..except for me it wasn’t just a happy dance more like a ‘flippin over the moon’ dance and there was nothing quiet about it.

Last summer i just about killed my self making a cockpit table in time to go cruising, the night before we left i was still varnishing the thing and had no chance to see if it actually fit the boat. I had a big blog post about it planned, but I never wrote it, mostly because when I finally did fit it on the boat……the flippin’ thing didn’t fit.

It has 2 fold out leaves on hinges that you can fold out to turn it from ‘cocktail size’ to ‘dinner’ size. Due to a kink in the binnacle guard, the leaves hit the guard and wouldn’t open.

Big πŸ™

With the new chart plotter we had to get a new binnacle guard and I just had a hunch.

It opens without catching on the binnacle!!....whoot!!
It opens without catching on the binnacle!!….whoot!!

Big πŸ™‚

I just made my table a year too early after all.

Happy days.

So we satΒ at the dock – officially ‘off the dock’, toasting the table, our new electronics and the upcoming season with a glass of wine.

Cockpit table 2

Cockpit table 1

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