NY cruiseThe sun was shining, the sky blue and the temperature hovering around zero on Thursday as we took the tarp off the boat and got ready to be underway for our New Year’s Cruise.

It’s traditional to get dressed up for New Years eve and to spend hours doing so. I know that I am definitely a fashion trailblazer so here’s how I rocked my “New Year’s” look in 2014 so you  can ‘get the look’.

  1. It all starts with fleece pants – slightly too short of course because I can’t actually buy a pair long enough.
  2. Layers are sexy – so apply tops in layers. Tank top, long sleeved tee… Add a rugby shirt for good measure.
  3. Layers are sexy – so apply two pairs of the thickest, wooliest socks that can be found.
  4. Put down jacket on.
  5. Wriggle into floater suit.
  6. Attempt to bend over to put sail boots on.
  7. Zip up floater suit and realise that I have the grace and flexibility of a landlocked walrus.
  8. Resentfully wriggle out of floater suit, remove down jacket, reapply floater suit while looking longingly at down jacket.
  9. Feel marginally less like a walking MOB dummy.
  10. Apply toque (beanie or warm hat if you are not Canadian.)
  11. Put on gloves.
  12. Feel ready for action – so long as the so called action doesn’t actually require too much exertion, flexibility or dexterity.

After much blundering about the deck getting the boat ready Michelin man style we slipped the lines and were away. The beautiful sunshine and icy temperatures were brought to us by an enormous high that sat on us for a few days with pressure up to 1030 Mb which is pretty high. Lovely to look at but of course there was not a bean of wind on the water so we motored to Bowen. The dolphins came to serenade us out of 2014.

If you asked the young man about New Years eve he would tell you about that we celebrated in style with a dinner out and that he stayed up to midnight…. Which he did, just not in our time zone.

At 7:30 on New Years morning I was awoken by a little visitor informing me that it was time to get up. As we slipped off the boat to give the guys a lie-in we discovered a world painted in heavy frost and bathed in the light of sunrise.

New Years CruuseA while later and tummies filled with eggs, bacon, smoked salmon, brie and pancakes we slipped our lines and headed back to Vancouver to be welcomed to 2015 by another school of dolphins. A good omen I’m sure.

Here is A. Walking down the frosty dock on New Year’s day. He’s wearing an adult sized life jacket…the only one we could fit him in as he is also wearing many layers of clothes.

A. Walking down the frosty dock.
A. Walking down the frosty dock.
Frost on the binnacle. New Years Morning
Frost on the binnacle. New Years Morning
FIrst drive of the year
First drive of the year


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New Year – Pacific North West Style.