Agamemnon Channel
Entrance to Agamemnon Channel – gateway to Princess Louisa Inlet.

Early start this morning. J & I got up and got the boat off the dock just after 7.  We were trying to be super quiet to let A. Sleep in a bit…. Sounds like a great idea, which it was – until I scuppered it by throwing the dockline on top of the hatch directly above his head as we left the dock – sure enough within five minutes we heard a loud “Muuuuuuuuum!”.

It was a beautiful sail past some seriously impressive coastline like the Agamemnon Passage & Jervis Inlet, very exciting. I decided that the best way to add to this excitement was for me to attempt hoisting the main by my self while the boys breakfasted. There was about 15 knots of wind, but I thought doable…It was, until the autohelm decided that holding the boat to wind was too much like hard work so kept displaying “off” helpfully on its display. Shortly after it had done that a couple of times I discovered that a reefing line had wrapped itself around the boom. At that point I decided that I’d had enough excitement and called for reinforcements.

This is the first year since we had the young man that we’ve felt inspired to do longer day sails. The first year (which as he was born in August is really the second year) was all about survival. It got a bit worse during the maniacal toddler years with us slowly recovering in the last year or so. This year we finally feel ready for true adventure…. And our trip north away from  the safe haven docks and playgrounds is testament to this. Today was one of those tests, a 6 hour sail… Or longer if there was no dock space for us at Lund.

Turned out to be a lovely day. The South-Easters that we’ve been riding up here continued and we had about 12-18 knots behind us most of the way up. For a large part of the day we were in the 15-18knt range and neither J or I felt comfortable double handling the kite in that. We stuck to white sails surfing at times down the waves. For a while I drove the boat ‘wing-on-wing’ till I accidentally gybed the boat. I don’t know what happened – it happened very fast. No one was hurt except my ego. I sulked for a bit and let J. Take the helm. I perked up a few minutes later when he did the same thing. We blamed it on the waves, and resolved to put a preventer on the shopping list.

We lucked out on dock space at Lund. It’s my first time here and it’s lovely.  The boys have scoped out the famous bakery here and made their minds up on what they want for tomorrow then we went for dinner at the restaurant.

It’s evening, the sun is shining and I’m now officially further north than I’ve ever been on this coast. Every thing is new to me from here in. Tomorrow it’s just a short hop  to Cortes island and then we’re into Desolation Sound for real.

Till then, here’s some pictures of lovely Lund.

Lund Harbour.
Looking down on lovely Lund.
Wildflowers in lund
Beautiful wild flowers growing along the sides of the foreshore path.
Lund harbour
Little boys never miss an opportunity to throw rocks into water.


paddling lund harbour
…which of course generally turns into this.
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Lovely Lund
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  • July 25, 2014 at 5:30 am

    Looks gorgeous, wish we were there with you!

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