A peaceful first night away at Alexandra Island.

Well we’ve made it off the dock.

Life, since January has been extreme. 6 months later it is June, and I have accomplished a lot but am quite frazzled. I am only a third of this family. J. Has been running too, and A is always busy, he likes school, but generally 7 year old boys are not indigenous to that environment. At times it has felt like we’re all pulling in three different directions, with no ability to press pause.

In mid June, the thought of getting this boat off the dock was laughable, but here we are, sitting in a sleepy Pender Harbour on a beautiful night on the eve of our nation’s birthday. It is not lost on me that perhaps this crazy thing we do, where we walk away from our jobs, responsibilities, computers, internet and city ‘busy-ness’ for a considerable amount of the summer is actually an integral part of how our family holds its self together, re-centres and connects.

The thing is, I noticed this year that there has been a shift in how we cruise this boat. Things are easier. We know how to prep the boat, I have spreadsheets for food planning, I know what clothes to pack, and how we will entertain ourselves. Getting off the dock, was actually easier than ever before, if it weren’t for this little miracle, it’s entirely possible that I could have completely lost the plot and stocked the boat with nothing but chips, chocolate and guacamole.

Speaking of little miracles when it comes to entertainment. We learned last year, that there is no better way to while away a long passage than to snuggle into the cockpit with a good book. J. And I take it in turns to read aloud* and Mr. A is happy to snuggle in for a few hours.

Lost in a book.

This year, A. and I went through a pile of chapter books to bring. I dutifully stored them in his cabin before he arrived. Before we had been on the boat for an hour, we found him curled up in his cabin reading one by himself! He is completely engrossed in the book, and we will loose for long stretches at a time as he disappears into his book, with J. And I quietly doing a happy dance in the background.

Look at all that deck space!

One more small miracle has come to us today. Our spinnaker pole, takes up most of the deck on the starboard side of the bow. It’s really annoying. Today J. Moved the pole holder to the outboard side of the boat. In one small move, we have a starboard deck for the first time! It is duly noted that this is both a miracle and a ‘d’oh, why didn’t we think of that before’ moment.

We’re north bound, last year we headed left around the top of Vancouver island when we reached the top of the island, this year we are heading straight on, until it’s time to turn back. I wonder where we’ll get to.

One thing’s for sure, I’m looking forward to not scheduling it, planning it or thinking too hard about it. This trip is a chance for this family to slow down, chill out and reconnect.

*Except when it’s Harry Potter being read, because I spoilt Mr. A by doing the accents so now I am the only official Harry Potter reader.

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Little Miracles