Sun Tea, Iced Tea
Sun powered Iced Tea.

I’m feeling kind of listish on our last day of holiday today. It’ started off while I was cooking dinner and mindlessly pondering about what I’m most looking forwards to getting away from when we return home.

The list was to short to really qualify as a list.

  1. I’m looking forwards to having more than 18″ of headroom in my bed.*

I think I may have less space in my bunk than in my days at the top of a trio of bunks on the Tall Ship Lord Nelson. (I still remember being thoughtfully awoken there with a cuppa. Unfortunately this good deed put me in a tight spot. I was stuck, unable to sit up enough to drink it and unable to climb out of my bunk because I had nowhere to put the steaming cup of tea.) When we were looking for a new boat I remember saying several times that I didn’t want a boat where I would end up sleeping under the cockpit floor…. All the while knowing that eventually that is exactly what was going to  happen. Our next task is to try to convince the young man to switch bunks with us.


That was a terrible list. Apparently we are quite annoyingly contented on the boat.  So I endeavoured to do a better list. Next up is a list of potential upgrades… Surely there’s lots of listworthy material here.

  1. Make wooden chopping block covers for the sink an oven to create counter space. (It’s been on the list for a year at least.)
  2. Research cockpit tables…. We have the funkiest cockpit table ever. It’s made out of a old cupboard door. It requires approx. 10 minutes of work to set up, including using a screwdriver and mandatory swearing. Once it’s up it’s  so big that  you need to squeeze around it like a Slinky to go down below. I heard a rumour that you can just buy the things stock online. That’s a no-brainer.
  3. Look at composting toilets. Every one I have spoken to that has gone to one of these raves about it. They are more eco friendly, you rid yourself of a holding tank and one of us (aka: hubby) has to dismantle our head this fall any way so who knows what we (he) will find when we (he) get into the guts of it.
  4. Research on the perfect dinghy – One that rows, sails and can take an outboard well too…. Failing that, I’d love one that doesn’t fill up with water on contact with the sea.

That’s my list. I’m sure my husband has a different list in his head… And both of us are aware that these ‘nice to have’ lists typically stay pristine and un touched in our heads pushed aside by the ‘Surprise! The ____ is broken.‘ list.

I’m on a roll now…

5 Things I’m glad I didn’t leave home without:

  1. Beach Towels – we’ve always done the microfibre travel towel thing while cruising. We’re over that. Beach towels dry on the lifelines in this heat nicely. They feel sooooo much better to dry yourself with and they double up as a highly useful sun shade when the sun comes from the side.
  2. Canned Food – I spent a scary amount of cash on stocking the boat with food this trip. I don’t regret it. Knowing that I can lift the floorboards and come up with an interesting meal from cans and dried food has enabled us to have way more flexibility in provisioning than we’ve ever had. It’s also enabled me to save propane and not heat the boat by making dinners without turning the stove on. Having said that. I brought a can of creamed corn…I wasn’t sure what that was. I’ve opened the can and I’m still not sure what that was.
  3. A secret stash of entertainment supplies – A couple of days before we left I went into our  local bookshop and they were having a sale. I bought a handful of activities – maze books, sticker activities, crafts and stuff. Every thing cost less than $5 but would entertain Mr. A for a while as and when needed. It turned out to be an inspired move. We’ve had a couple of 5:00pm meltdown moments just as we were docking or needing to focus on the boat and I’ve been able to pull out a quick ‘here take a look at this’ and it has magically transformed a situation from much whining to smiles all round.
  4. My plastic jug – It’s been so hot. I’ve been making iced tea by filling my trusty jug with water, tea bags and then leaving it to ‘cook’ in the sun for a few hours.  It has a lid that seals so I then put it in the fridge to cool off and it has been my little piece of cool heaven every day.
  5. My trusty crew! I love both my boys. I couldn’t imagine better companions to sail with they are both so much fun and put up with me and all of my sailing diva antics. I’m very lucky.

Which reminds me…

Things I’m glad I left at home:

  1. I didn’t bring tons of activities for Mr. A. I’m glad I didn’t. Out here the world is his playground and I wanted to give him the opportunity to tune in to it. He’s got some Lego and a few other things but generally he spends his days with a trusty stick permanently in his hand while the dust slowly covers him from toe to head.
  2. I also didn’t bring anything for him to watch on my tablet. Yup, he’s been an entire month without any screen time. For a large part of our trip, we were pretty much out of internet access too…. It’s just as healthy for us I think.
  3. The extra clothes I took out of my bag last minute. All my clothes that I’ve brought are trashed. No sense in trashing more stuff and access to washing machines has been quite plentiful.


One thing that I need to do better at is exercising while onboard. I”m sure I’ll be so wobbly I’ll be moving like a jellyfish when I go for my first few runs next week… But, that’s a problem for then. Now it’s time for me to celebrate the end of a great

holiday over a glass of wine with my hunny.


*Full disclosure: we’re actually back home now, and you know what the hardest thing to adjust to is? I miss my boat bed so much! The bed at home feels small, and hard and no matter how many windows I open it just feels airless in the city. I’m counting down the days till we get away on the boat again 🙂





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  • August 20, 2014 at 12:58 am

    This is a great list of lists.

    I’ve been In search of the same dinghy as you for years. Although it’s expensive, I think you might want to take a look at a Walker Bay 10.

    Welcome back to civilization.

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