Children reading Robert Munsch
Crowded around to the powerful lure of Robert Munsch stories.

Well,  it  feels like a Gershwin Summertime around here, the living is definitely easy, the fish actually are jumping although I haven’t got a clue about what the cotton is doing, this is the Pacific Northwest for goodness sake.

With the weather forecast well into the  ‘lovely’ category we decided at lunch time on Friday to grab our stuff and go sailing for the weekend. The young man had a school party Friday evening so I emptied the home fridge into the boat along with a smattering of clothes, and called the boat ‘ready’. We did the party and 20 minutes after leaving the party we were motoring out of the creek.

My little guy has just completed his first week of extended day Kindergarten so he was in bed and asleep within 30 minutes leaving hubby and I to enjoy a beautiful sunset and night sail over to Bowen Island. It’s been a while since we’ve done a night sail, it was lovely and peaceful all except for a power boater driving around Howe sound after dark using a flood light as a headlight and blinding every one in the vicinity. (Insert mandatory eye rolling here)

On Saturday, after a yummy breakfast from our favourite Bowen brecky haunt we headed over to our club outstation at Gambier Island and lucked into docking next to a boat full of young kids all of whom were lovely. At one point A. And I were curled up in our cockpit reading Robert Munsch together when we started attracting kids. 15 minutes later there were 5 kids crowded around our Munsch treasury and I had been kicked out in favour of a 7 year old reader.  The sun was warm and had lost the summer time sting to its rays, but of course as the mere word ‘snooze’ drifted across my mind the whole thing broke up.

Excitement happened on Sunday morning. A. And the girls were fishing with our fishing rods. We have kids fishing rods with hoochies on but no hooks  and their fishing attempts had attracted a number of Shiners. I pulled out the ‘fishing stick’ which is a very technical invention – it is a stick that has fishing line, a weight and a hook attached to it – we spare no expense on fishing gear.

As I was about to reach over the dock to remove a beard of muscles for bait a lone blueberry floated past. Curious I decided to give it a try. I put half of it on the hook and within 15 seconds caught a fish. A big one too – about 6 inches. That’s monstrous for a shiner. Of course all the kids on the dock went crazy for the fish swimming in the bucket, by the time the excitement settled the other half of my blueberry had been well and truly stomped on so I resorted to muscle bait and once again caught a fish within seconds.

Kids Fishing At Gambier
Fishing is fun…even if you have no hook on your rod!

By now the pandemonium the kids were making was attracting parents, and the parents were saying things like ‘she caught it with a blueberry?!? I didn’t know fish ate blueberries” and “Wow, that lady really knows what she’s doing!”, “You should ask her what her technique is.” Laughing I decided to stop while I was ahead. I baited another hook and gave it to a girl who also caught a fish. After that, I think the pandemonium the kids were making scared the fish away and no more were to be had. So after the kids had finished looking at the fish we returned them home again.

A couple hours later we were under white sails and on our way home. A quick-n-easy weekend get away almost complete and recharged for another week at school.


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