It's been a different sort of trip this year.

We left Vancouver, tired out, worn out and burned out. The plan was to head north fast, but the weather didn't buy in to that plan.

So we traded that plan in for 6 sun soaked, lazy days in Desolation sound, swimming, kayaking, dinghy sailing, gunkholing, and six days later we emerged rested, tanned and salt soaked. Ready to continue north, in a much less 'goal focussed' way.

It was a good job, because Johnson straight threw a wobbly at us, causing us to pause for 2 days in an anchorage that is usually a sort of 'passing through' kind of place. It's a pretty place, there's lots to do there, we were happy, self contained and exploring.

Finally we rounded Cape Caution into the part of the world we have been looking to explore this year.

The Central Coast welcoming committee came out in full force to acknowledge us. Spouting and breaching we saw maybe ten humpbacks as we sailed to our anchorage.

Later the boys disappeared off to explore the island we had arrived at. After cleaning the boat I sat down for a cuppa and a read in the cockpit, I hadn't been there long when I heard heavy breathing and realized that I was not alone.

A smaller humpback was swimming through the anchorage looking for dinner. He stayed with us for over an hour, before moving on.

We're definitely in new territory here, and apparently it belongs to the humpbacks.

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