We’re back.

We arrived back in the city just a few days ago and after the initial flurry of cleaning, laundry, groceries, laundry and laundry it appears that we’ve washed the salt off and we are well and truly back to being city slickers again.

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog for an entire month on the water, haven’t I?

It all started at Big Bay, Stuart Island. An over night stop in the middle of the Yuculta’s. (Pronounced YEW-kla-tar’s). There was a little bit of cell, no internet but it was an amazing place and I couldn’t wait to blog so I wrote my blog expecting high things for the next day and by extension the next post.

The next day there was a big nada on the cell reception.

And the day after that – no bars …and  so on and so on and so on.

This is what entertainment looks like without WiFi
This is what entertainment looks like without WiFi

Finally we got to ‘civilisation’ – a dock. Still no cell, but they had wifi. ….how quickly I learned.

The router was wired directly into a car battery and threw it’s signal a range of about 5 feet. Those 5 feet were jealously guarded by an armada of ravenous mosquitos.

But that wasn’t all. I soon discovered that the wifi arrives in the wilderness via satellite. Marina managers pay for a certain number of bites (not of the mosquito variety) to be beamed down from space per day. Once they are used up they are gone. Finito, until it resets itself every 24 hrs. All it takes is for someone to start checking facebook and all of a sudden – kaching! Internet is done for the day. For everyone.

While the mosquitos were sometimes replaced by their meaner big brothers – black flies – this was standard internet at all ‘resorts’ we stayed at.

So that put paid to blogging on the go. Time to acknowledge that we really had left the beaten path behind.

Then do you know what happened?

I went through internet withdrawal and came out the other side. (Thank goodness i packed lots of chocolate.)  I was reading real books again and as we came south and back into cell land I started looking in amazement at how infatuated people are by their handheld devices. Seriously, when you are on the outside you realise how obsessed we have become over them. I started to seriously worry about the future of civilisation, because I could see how much we have disconnected from life. We can’t sit still for more than 2 minutes without pulling the darn things out and filling our minds with ‘One Little Known Piece of Crap That Likely Won’t Change Your Life For Even A Nanosecond.’

Surely there's wifi somewhere round here...
Surely there’s wifi somewhere round here…

So I decided to stay in the moment for our month away, and it was wonderful. I lived, swam, loved, cooked, baked disastrous cookies on the BBQ, played and laughed all without the help of my iphone.

Being tech free gave me the time to ponder big things like..."what is the hook on the left used for?"
Being tech free gave me the time to ponder big things like…”what is the hook on the left used for?”

And now we’re back in the city. I think I’m grieving slightly.

My goal is to try to keep the balance better. To keep reading books, to ignore the hundreds of internet articles that ping me each day and to just try, to use my phone as a tool and not as a place to relocate to.

Living in the moment....some days that's not such a hot proposition.
Living in the moment….I can feel your envy for me through the computer screen.

But I do have lots to share about our trip. So watch this space.

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