Apparently, in order to get to those hazy, lazy days of summer one has to pretty much drive oneself into a frenzy preparing to be lazy and hazy.

I am very much in countdown mode to our summer trip this year, and as A. has three weeks of 1/2 day summer camp in the run up I decided that I would do a few projects before we head out.

One week in, and what a suprise..things are moving slower than expected so already two projects have been canned for now as I morph more and more into something that resembles a headless chicken.

Project 1:

Is actually mostly finished….although I only did it because I wanted to make something easy, for my first run with Sunbrella.

Hatch Cover
Essentially this hatch cover is a hemmed square – tricky huh.

This is a hatch cover so that on sunny days we can open the hatch and have shade at the same time. Despite it’s simplicity it also functions as a marriage saver, and saves lenthy debates on whether it’s cooler to have the hatch closed with the blind on or open with the sun streaming in. I’m going to put a piece of dowel in it because it’s a bit floppy so stand by to be dazzled by the finished brilliance.

Project 2:

Lord help me. I’m making a companionway fly screen. This is actually the most technical thing I have ever sewn….or currently more accurately ‘considered sewing’. Here’s the pattern.

Flyscreen - under construction.
Fly screen – under construction.

Project 3:

The final project is a folding cockpit table. Which has also taken a bit of design, because of our traveler which sits about 4″ away from the binnacle. I’ll explain more and show you some pictures when it looks more like a table and less like a pie of lumber.

And then of course the boat needs to be waxed and stocked with food before we go – not to mention all the home stuff that needs to happen before we go. Thus the slap dash’ness’ about this blog post you are reading!

Where are we going?

The old saying about sailors plans being written in sand at low tide rings true here….Weather permitting we’re hoping to get up to the Broughton Archipelago which sits between Campbell River and Port Hardy on the inside passage of Vancouver Island. There’s some exciting passes to get through more about that later.

To get north, we’re going to be doing some longer  8 or 9 hour days on the boat which will be a first with the young man. So also on my list, is activities for him. My amazing girlfriend from school has created a website Ida and Ernest which has lots of free printables and activities to entertain kids as you travel so I will be mining her brilliance also.

Until then, the count down is on to laziness….In two weeks we’ll either be away or I’ll have stitched and glued myself into an exquisitely fly screened coffin with a lovely cocktail table for appies on.

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Hazy, Lazy Days Of Summer….