Snug Cove at New YearNew Years on the boat in the wet, cold Pacific Northwest. Could you think of anything more perfectly dismal?

Well turn off the sympathy music because we had a hoot! Although it nearly all ended before it began. As we left home to go to the boat I could see fog sitting over the bay.  I checked the dewpoint (temperature at which moisture in the air condenses in to fog.) Dew point was 6 degrees and the temperature was holding steady at 6 degrees. DARN! Hubby decided that we should just go stick our nose into the bay and check it out so we busied our selves getting ready.

It’s been a while since I winter raced and I know that when we got the boat I stashed my toque and winter glove collection somewhere safe. I proceeded to turn the whole boat upside down looking for the darn bag of stuff but to no avail. Best I can figure it’s gone to the place where all the odd socks and lost pen lids go. The point is – by the time i had finished muttering and grumbling – the fog had gone. Yippee!!

As it was our first time ‘away’ on the new boat this time of year we went to Snug Cove, at Bowen Island which has readily available power, luxury washrooms, a ‘common room’ with a shelf of board games and a handful of great restaurants to pick from. The weather was quite warm and the vibe on Bowen convivial. There was plans afoot for a big beach bonfire – it didn’t happen but we wouldn’t have been able to attend any way as we had the little one sleeping by that time.

New Years Day found my son and I hanging out in the ‘common room’ while my husband slept in. Between the board games, the lady watching the Westminster Dog show and all the boaters wandering through pitching in their opinions on which dog was long in the haunches or looked like a ‘swiffer’ I have rarely felt so at home among complete strangers.

Verdict – New Years on the boat may just become a new family tradition.

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Happy New Year