We hoisted anchor this morning from Squirrel Cove without incident and continued our circumnavigation of Cortes island. With little wind we motored up Lewis Channel which started me on the superlatives. The channel is a straight channel with pretty much vertical sides. The mountains aren’t all that high for BC but they drop away to a depth of 400+ feet underwater.


As we rounded the top of Cortes we came to a sort of ‘Town Square’ of islands. A place where all the islands get together to catch up on gossip and remark on how pretty they are. Frankly, there are few places on this earth so beautiful. Every where I looked words like ‘gobsmacking’, ‘stupendous’ and ‘wow’ floated through my mind. I did my best to:
A:try to take a picture to describe it…which is a silly task as you need to see it in 360 surround view.

B: Impress on the young man how amazing this spectacular place was. I failed again, he decided that practicing his writing was more interesting.

On arriving at our destination – Von Donop bay we anchored and as it was an absolutely beautiful day and we were in an absolutely beautiful bay. I decided to set up the hammock for a quiet read. Unfortunately I’ve had troubles with hammock gremlins before and this time was the same. As soon as I got the darn thing up a gremlin appeared from nowhere and took up residence. We managed to get it on camera less than 30 seconds after I got comfy.


There’s only one known cure for hammock gremlins. And that’s only a temporary cure.


Oh well, good job the gremlin is pretty snugly and is enjoying listening to excerpts from the book I’m re-reading, The Curve Of Time.

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Hamock Gremlins
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