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It’s definitely been the year for wind this year.

Agreed – we don’t live in a windy part of the world so our version of a tempest is another person’s gentle breeze. BUT…

For the Pacific Northwest – It’s been a windy year.

We started out in it late last year trying to sail upwind in 25-30 knots through square waves with a little one melting down on the boat….we turned around. We have issues with bagged out sails, we know that now. (Although we still haven’t fixed them.)

All spring we sailed in stiff North-westerlies usually around 20 knots at a time. You could hear us coming by the sound of our little one still in melt down mode – he made it clear. Surfing down waves is fun and ok, but going up wind is a no-no.

We stuck at it and late spring while sitting on the rail acting as Number 1 Sponge we discovered that he couldn’t cry and sing at the same time. So we sung…..

“Queen Queen Caroline
Washed her hair in turpentine…..”

After many, many….many rounds of dousing poor old Queen Caroline with a variety of noxious substances one day he turned to us as we came down a big wave and said.

“I’m having so much fun!”

My little boy was faking it till he made it.

We’ve had many sails since then and he also has become obsessed with superlatives. Everything is ranked, his current ranking system puts 100 as the best and 1 as the worst.

Yesterday we had a stonking sail back from Gambier down Howe Sound and into English Bay. We saw the inflow wind set up in Howe Sound and choked our lunch down as fast as we could so we could receive the bounty when it came to us.

It did – 15-20 knots on the nose. No waves. Happy days.

As we sailed into English Bay the wind pumped up to 25knots with a large  sea. J. Was driving. I was hoping the dinghy didn’t over take us. The munchkin was….

The munchkin was standing in the companionway playing with the rope ends. Oblivious to the maelstrom around him. (Ok….I know 25 knots isn’t really a maelstrom but I don’t get to use that word very much and it is such fun to use.)

Me: Hey Mister
A: What?
Me: Are you absolutely terrified right now?
A: Huh?

Cue J. And I to throw looks at each other.

Hangin' in there....literally.
Hangin’ in there….literally.

The young man went on to tell me later that this was his 98th best sail of the season. Curious I asked what the sail was that ranked better than it.

Johnstone Straight.

Coming in to English Bay the radio crackled to life. There were boats left right and centre dragging in the English Bay ‘anchorage’….reminds me of a blog post I wrote once.

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Getting Through Windy
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