We’ve been focusing on knocking off the miles. Sunday we did a 40 nm passage to Lund – from which we have fond memories of last year. 


This is what passage making looks like on our boat.
Yesterday we headed into Desolation Sound. The plan was to check out Teakerne Arm on West Redonda today before beginning our run of the Rapids we need to take to head north.

This much is true, but misses out so much of the story.

A is grumpy, I am grumpy and in fact, my very mellow hubby has had his moments too… All the work we put into getting the boat off the dock and then aggressively heading north has caught up with us – recipe for  tears, tantrums and tempers….and that’s just from me!

The guide book describes Teakerne as a nice ‘temporary’ anchorage….we think we have discovered why. The bottom seemed to be basically rock. Anchoring was a “third time lucky” kind of a deal leaving already tired people drained.

We found ourselves  in a tiny bay that looks on the chart like a terrible idea but in reality we were snugged in nicely.

We took the hike to the lake, and the warm fresh waters seemed to wash our grumpiness away. 


Climbing down the ropes to go for a swim.
This morning we awoke to a little piece of paradise. Snugged into a quiet bay with nothing but a few cats paws on the water. A. took me for a row, looking down through the crystal clear water we could see a fleet of sea cucumbers merrily cucumbering away.


Teakerne Arm before it woke up.
After a lazy morning, we tacked on the gentle breeze out the arm and motored up Lewis and calm channels to the start of the Yuculta Rapids. We took the first one at slack and paid a visit to Big Bay for the evening, which is where I am typing from now. Looking out at Gillard Rapids and crazy currents from the comfort of a cozy spot on the dock.

Sunset at Big Bay
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Getting Through Grumpy.