Hello Desolation Sound
Hello Desolation Sound

One of the allures of sailing for me is that when you leave the dock, you never know what you are going to get.

Sometimes you get “Summer time and the living is easy” kind of sailing, where everything works with you to make you feel like a Rock star, and the miles melt away.

Other times you get “Long and winding road” kind of sailing where it feels like you are doing all you can to sail a bulldozer through each and every meter of every mile.

Happily, for the last two days we’ve definitely been living the Rock star life. With the big tides June brings and following winds we’ve been moving almost effortlessly.

Yesterday, the winds started at 15 knots and built up to 25 knots. With the tide with us, we were doing 9 knots over ground and the miles zoomed by.

Emboldened by our new spinnaker sock, we hoisted when the wind moderated to about 12 knots, and had the kind of a time with the spinnaker that gives spinnakers such a bad rap.

Both J. And I are pretty comfortable with spinnakers from our racing years, so we do know what we are doing. Double handed spinnaker flying makes us nervous so we haven’t flown it much but the sock has definitely helped. We got into a couple of situations that we didn’t like and we just snuffed the thing. As easy as that. We just couldn’t get it to settle properly. We messed with the thing for an hour or so before finally bagging it. It was stressful, required constant maintenance and generally was not fitting to our slovenly, lazy cruising ways.

Today, J. Suggested we hoist again. I wasn’t enthused. We did hoist, it behaved itself perfectly, and had a beautiful run in 8 knots of wind. It was so benign that Mr. A. got his first turn at trimming it.

Me and the spinnaker are back on speaking terms again.

A. trimming the kite for the first time.
A. trimming the kite for the first time.

Mr. A Is having a grand old adventure. I have squirreled all sorts of secret stuff on board to pull out as a surprise on a long sail day if we need something new…I think he has found all of it now and has instigated a regime of asking for it every hour or so.


I’m being mean. Generally, he is happy playing with his toys, reading, being read to, building forts in his bunk with his buddies and hanging out with us. Hopefully that keeps up.

Tomorrow will be our last night on the ‘warm’ side of the rapids. We will transit at slack tide, but still, will be shot through the rapids and into the wilderness and the wild ride of Johnstone Straight beyond. It feels like we’ve  come a long way, but we’re only half way up the eastern side of the island. From here on things get interesting….hopefully the living will remain easy.

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