bye bye VancouverWithout a doubt, the hardest part of cruising is the ‘getting off the dock’ part.

I finished at my school a week and two days ahead of A. I thought that this gave me ample time to leisurely pack the boat and bask in my own solitude before the summer began.

The reality turned out to involve me running with increasing frantic-ness from place to place to deposit wads of cash every where I went. All the while J. Has been frantically trying to bring a work problem to a resolution.

By the time we finally left yesterday, the boat was stuffed full in every nook and cranny and we both were working like workaholics with sides of ADHD and OCD right down to the wire.

And then we shook out the knots in the dock lines and left.

And all the noise, chaos and dirt of the city was left behind. Ahead is concerns about tides, currents, weather and the depression one feels when you realise that you have to wear shoes for a bit.

Today has been a day of the both of us starting to slow down. We reach a point where we work together with incredible synchronicity, but let’s just say, that if we were trapeze artists, today wasn’t be the day to forgo the safety net. We’ll get there, that’s part of the journey too.

spin sockWe did get the spinnaker up though, we’ve invested in a spinnaker sock so we had fun setting it up, and then we had quite a lot of fun flying and dousing, and flying and dousing – why not, it’s so easy!

We’re heading North as fast as we can, we’ve broken away. The hard part is done, we are pregnant with the adventure.

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Break Away

One thought on “Break Away

  • July 1, 2016 at 4:09 pm

    Love your posts Nic
    Have fun guys
    Love to you all
    May the winds blow strong and safe

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