Well we finally made it off the dock. Good thing too because we’d probably have sunk the boat if we loaded any more stuff on it.

We’re headed north to Desolation Sound….which despite the name is a nice place. Captain Vancouver was just feeling a bit grumpy the day he discovered it….can’t say I blame him really I’d be pretty scary if I’d gone a couple of years on hard tack and weevils.

So is sailing with a preschooler. Ours was good, although I think he may only have left one or two breaks in the conversation in the six hours it took for us to sail here – we’re currently at Secret Cove.

Wind was sort of on and offish, we got the chute up for a bit and I got to play ‘bow girl’ again….my secret is that despite my horribly grown up and sensible exterior, I still love the excitement and rough and tumble of monkeying around with sails on the bow. A spinnaker take down with only two people on board = best fun I’ve had all day.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. So we’ll see what the day brings. Till then I have serious concerns about the structural integrity of a bottle of ‘sick flower’ (le fleur mal) which just happens to come highly recommended by the CBC wine guru, so we intend to devise a plan to empty it, just in case.


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And We’re Off!