An Introduction:

About me header copyAbout Me:
I’m not one of those kids who grew up on the water, I grew up in one of the many of suburbs of London in the UK so the ocean has always been a fairly foreign thing for me. The love of the water came from a book I read when I was about 10 years old “The True Adventures of Charlotte Doyle.” It’s about a girl who tossed off the shackles of her life and sailed away on a tall ship. I think she changed the course of my life.

In 2000 with no sailing experience – I sailed away on a tall ship. 5 weeks and an Atlantic Ocean race on board the STS Lord Nelson. Initially timid about climbing aloft, very soon I realised that I had fallen in love, with a way of life. After completing that trip I was promoted to a Watch Leader and Bosun’s Mate and continued to sail for a few more years on several ships including Tenacious & Prince William. While starting to learn about keel boats and getting some formal sail training.

After living in Tokyo for a year (yes I managed to sail there too.) I settled in the Pacific Northwest and discovered that there isn’t much in the way of ‘classic yacht’ action here. So I took up sailboat racing and raced locally meeting my husband along the way. 

We did the Victoria – Maui yacht race for our honeymoon. Due to the fact that there was 8 of us on the 44′ boat, romance was low on the priority list, but it was certainly a memorable and fun way to honeymoon! 

In 2009 & pregnant I discovered that kids change everything. I wasn’t able to sail comfortably while pregnant. That was my first clue on how much a kid was going to change my life.

These days, I don’t race. Life is slower, fuller & busier with a kid to explore it with. We don’t live on our boat. We cruise extensively, our trips are measured in the fish caught and crabs found instead of miles covered. Our boat is our holiday cabin that takes us on many adventures. Some that we reckoned on having and many that we didn’t.


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About The Boat:
We have just made the move from our 1984 J/35 Racer- Cruiser sailboat to d’Aquila our new 2005 Jeanneau Sunfast 35. 

Oh man, we LOVED our J/35. Sleek, fast, wide open decks. She could get you around the cans on a race in the bay and she could take you cruising for the week in the Gulf Islands. With nothing but a few cats paws on the water and a tiller in your hand she would start to gently glide through the water. I thought she would be our boat for ever.

But slowly things changed, our boat partner bought a new boat, my husband has a back injury and we decided that we’d like a few luxuries so we upgraded early in 2013. 

I still feel giddy when I get on d’Aquila. She is so beautiful down below. Sailing her is so much fun, but it’s only now that we have discovered how much fun cruising is and how much more we have to learn – like how to actually sleep while the boat is at anchor for instance. 

Follow us, as two experienced sailors but rookie cruisers & parents learn about our new boat and how to raise our kid aboard.